Blower POW! Pure Coffee-luv’n Fun

Posted by Mathew Peake on

Blower POW! is back after a long hiatus and we are so thrilled. We’re thrilled because, over the past two years, COVID-related supply issues have limited our ability to roast this coffee for the army of customers who patiently await its release every year. 

Seeing delivery tubs overflowing again with coffee bags adorned in goofy Blower POW! labels, is a joyous reminder of how much we’ve overcome as a community recently. And that is a wonderful reason to celebrate this Holiday Season. 

Blower POW! is an absolute banger on its own or blended with your favourite seasonal boozy coffee beverage. We taste huge notes of cocoa and dark chocolate with a subtle fruit finish. 

Give Blower POW! a try, it’s pure coffee-luv’n fun in a cup.

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