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Stories of the very real people behind locally handcrafted products.

Anthony Bourdain once said “the term handcrafted gets thrown around a lot these days”. Like crappy diner coffee, the term handcrafted has been watered down. It’s become a throwaway marketing term applied by corporations trying to “get small”, muscling in on turf traditionally occupied by true craft producers. As coffee roasters, we recognise ourselves in craft producers, their obsessiveness, quirks and self-doubts are just like ours. Their stories help reclaim the term handcrafted for all craft producers.

Nina Babiuk - Pemberton Bag Co.

Canadian by birth, Nina spent most of her years in North Queensland, Australia, working as a biologist on the Great Barrier Reef, before moving back to Whistler, then Pemberton with partner Tony in 2016 to be closer to family.  

Out of a love for sewing, ethical fashion and the great outdoors, Nina started Pemberton Bag Co, specialising in handmade oilcloth, water resistant bags. It has since developed into a small, boutique, hand hewn business, focusing primarily on minimising our impact on the planet by supporting ethically sourced and hand crafted products. 

Nina Babiuk fly fishing near Pemberton BC

We recently teamed up with Nina to create our Hammer Coffee Essential Card Wallet. Every Essential wallet is made to order by Nina and hand-sewn from naturally water resistant fabric, oilcloth. Minimally designed and perfectly sized to carry your essential cards and enough cash for a round of post-ride drinks with your crew. Check them out here

Check out Nina’s work on Instagram @pembertonbagco

Locally Handcrafted

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