Mid-week coffee delivery. Yeah, about that…

Posted by Mathew Peake on

Q: Hey Hammer, what happened to mid-week coffee delivery?

A: Well, I’m glad you asked. We’ve been up and roasting in our new Function Junction digs for 2 weeks and we’ve asked ourselves that same question literally every day.

On one hand, like most companies, time is limited. Therefore, consolidating deliveries to only Saturdays allows us to be more productive, roast way more coffee and make more people happy.

On the other hand… some of our customers work in businesses that are closed on weekends, making Saturday deliveries difficult if not impossible. These folks deserve fresh coffee too damnit!

Behold, the solution, for now anyway… ‘til we come up with a better one:

  • Saturdays are our main delivery day and remain unchanged, 6-years of tradition is difficult to break. Also, Chrissy loves seeing everyone’s smiling faces each Saturday.
  • NEW - Thursday delivery is now available for companies that are closed on Saturday. Be sure to submit your order by noon on Wednesday for Thursday delivery.

If Saturday delivery doesn't work for you, no problem. Contact us when you place your order and we'll hammer out a plan together.

Do you have a question about our delivery program? Email me at info@hammerroasting.com

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