🤯 PSA - Compostable Coffee Bag Shortage

Posted by Mathew Peake on

We’re taking a very short break at the moment, so there will be no deliveries on Saturday, June 18. However, this is a good opportunity to tell you about the slightly unusual paper coffee bags that we are using over the coming weeks.

Due to North American supply limitations with compostable bags, we have temporarily moved to recyclable (NOT compostable) kraft coffee bags. Dispose of these bags in regular paper recycling. Please don’t compost these bags.

You’ll notice right away that these bags look a little different to our normal coffee bags. They are lighter in colour and don’t have the “certified compostable” information printed on the base (see image above for reference).

We’re very sorry for this inconvenience. We are working through this supply shortage and will return to our regular compostable bags as soon as possible.

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