Recommended Fall Riding: Howler

Posted by Mathew Peake on

It’s early as I write, dawn is breaking over my peek-a-boo view of Wedge Mountain. The alpine, resplendent in white, fresh snow. The fruits of a heinous, rainy and mostly couch-bound few weeks. But the trails are still in prime condition.

Earlier this week, I hammered out a lap of Howler that was one of the best rides of the season. It was raining hard as I rolled out of my front door and headed up, up, up! Fully warm now, I crossed a slick 19 Mile bridge into blinding Fall colours and the constant distraction of mushrooms everywhere.

At the trailhead, I donned an extra layer and a fresh set of gloves (my secret cold-weather riding tip), and pushed off. My favourite thing about Fall riding is how different the trails feel.

As another monster riding season fades into Fall, this trail, dressed in flaming leaves and greasy roots, makes me feel renewed, grateful for another season and finally ready to embrace the whiteness to come.

Get outside and HAMMER!

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