Recommended Fall Riding: Rudy’s

Posted by Mathew Peake on

This week we took advantage of a brief break in the weather to hit Pemberton for a flying lap of Rudy’s. With only a short window of time available, we pounded the pedals up Mackenzie FSR, then up Middle Earth before arriving at the Rudy’s trailhead a sweaty, bumbling mess.

No time for pleasantries, we plunged, wide-open into Rudy’s hooting like school kids, zinging off slippery roots, breath held as we blasted over baby-head booby-traps hidden below freshly fallen leaf litter.

Head up, hammer down, into Overnight Sensation. Damp dirt and grip for days! Hands screaming, mind racing. Sloooow down through the rock gardens you fool. Punch up Radio Tower, tired and reckless into Mission Impossible. Trail mantra on repeat for the gazillionth time “head up, head up...”.

Aand back to the parking lot, smiles, stoke and fist pumps all-round.

Get outside and HAMMER!

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