The Amazing Whistler Food Bank

Posted by Mathew Peake on

Every week we get the opportunity to deliver fresh coffee to an army of legendary Whistler locals, seasonal rippers and weekend warriors. These wonderful folks show their support for our company week after week. Without them, well… there’d be no Hammer Coffee Roasting. From time to time, we also get a chance to donate fresh coffee to the Whistler Food Bank, operated by Whistler Community Services Society. This is our opportunity to give something back to our community.

We’re humbled by the tireless, good humoured, work done by the team at the Whistler Food Bank. Over the last two years their team has braced our community against waves of COVID, all while juggling perishable food logistics and ensuring that folks who need a little help putting food on the table are treated with dignity and respect.

Now that’s a gold medal team we can be proud of!

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