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By definition, craft coffee roasting is a creative process. Dozens of small batches of coffee individually roasted to create the perfect cup. But we’re not alone in our creativity. Over the coming weeks we’ll focus on a few of the wonderful and creative local people that we get to collaborate with at Hammer Coffee.

You know, we’re surrounded by some unbelievably creative people in our mountainous corner of this great vast land. Perhaps it’s something in the water. No! It’s so far more raw than that, more urgent, scrappy. Like a heaving volcano of creativity, bubbling just below the surface, masked by tectonic plates of careers and families and obligations and payments and responsibility. But still simmering, just below the surface, waiting to escape and then BAM! An eruption, a release of creative pressure that manifests itself into a seductively textured canvas, a perfectly captured moment in time or a disarmingly funny story. And then just as suddenly as it appeared the earth settles, life resumes as if nothing ever happened. But, of course, something did happen, from a simple idea, something new was created.

Eric Poulin
Pharmacist, new Dad, husband and like it’s no big deal, incredible photographer. Eric is responsible for creating Hammer Coffee’s current editorial images amongst many others. The photographs of brewing pre-ride coffee, capturing deep-forest, green mossy carpet with solo rider... those images are Eric’s handy work.

Like a well-grown mullet, upfront Eric means business. Working as a pharmacist requires a huge amount of knowledge. However, outback is where the real party happens.

Eric’s photographic style is pure adventure and generally involves going a long way into the wilderness to capture the perfect shot for clients much larger than Hammer Coffee.

Eric is easy going and super fun to work with. During our most recent photo shoot the black flies were so thick that they were falling into the coffee as I brewed it. If you look closely, the black flies are actually visible in the photos. Each cup of brewed coffee contained dozens of swimming black flies. Always the professional, Eric grabbed one cup of coffee, drank it, bugs and all and continued shooting. There’s never a dull moment shooting with Eric.

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