WORCA Virtual Toonies are Amazing

Posted by Mathew Peake on

Alright, I confess. I was wrong about WORCA weekly virtual Toonies. They are amazing!

To say I had a tough time committing to WORCA virtual Toonies during the dark summers of COVID isn’t quite accurate. I simply didn’t participate.

As a bow-legged, Lycra-clad ex-bike racer, who now fosters a semi-delusional but very “Whistler”, Peter Pan-esque relationship with my current age and riding ability, I love the fierce, lung convulsing competition of in-person Toonies and the rewarding finish line beer or three with trail-hardened comrades at arms.

Put simply, virtual Toonies didn’t scratch my entirely self-serving itch for racing. And that’s where I was very wrong.

My reason for not participating in WORCA weekly virtual Toonies is the same reason that many people enjoy them. Riders who’d prefer not to race are as important to our riding community as any Thursday-evening-pants-on-fire race junkie. They deserve great prizes and a cold beverage too!

Hammer Coffee Roasting is stoked to support WORCA Virtual Toonies this summer. Visit worca.com/events to check out this week’s course, collect your Trailforks Badge and you could win great prizes from Hammer Coffee and a ton of other local businesses. Perhaps we could meet up for a beer or three afterwards?

Get outside and Hammer!

📸 - Eric Poulin

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